Gallery 9
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Gallery 9 - Tuamotus to Societies
(August 9, 2004 - latest)


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Dana & the squid   Squid close-up   Arriving at Ahe at dawn
Bruno anchoring Freelance   Freelance & cargo ship in Ahe   Bruno rowing to shore
Blue pahua clam   Butterfly fish   Pearl farm
Soledad, Natalia & Jennifer   Kids on Freelance   Jumping off Freelance
Kayaking over to our boat   Kids on Ker-Mor   Playing our guitar
Jennifer as a pirate   Jennifer & Natalia   Jennifer & Dana
Eating popcorn   Little guy with a big pamplemousse   Climbing our ratlines
Hangin' loose on Ker-Mor   Sailing Ker-Les   Home near the anchorage
Drala Magic arriving   Chris setting Ker-Les' anchor in a snorkel spot   Dana on Ker-Les
Underwater reflection   Damselfish   Sea cucumber
Wilson   Chris aboard Drala Magic   Ker-Mor anchored off Tenukuiara Village
Chris looking out at the anchorage   Dana under the palm tree   Fisherman's home in Tenukuiara
Pearl farm house   Chris & the kids aboard Ker-Les   Dana & the kids in front of their school
Shark head in the lagoon   Picking berries   Running amuck
Chris, Jennifer & Dana   Dana, Jennifer & her mom   Pastel colored sky at sunset en route to Rangiroa



Fish eating our bread   Unicorn fish surfacing   Unicorn fish (& others) below the surface
Resort bungalows   Chris steering Ker-Les through the pass   Dolphin at our bow
Moorish idol fish (recognize him from Finding Nemo?)   A pair of moorish idols   Dana underwater
Cool-looking stripy fish   Raccoon butterfly fish   Tangs & more
Cornetfish   Chris, Charlie & Victor aboard Ker-Mor   Roy enjoying a kiss from Bruno
School of butterfly fish following Victor   Feeding frenzy   More fish arriving on the scene
And more   And more!   Super close-up
This damselfish just realized he was being filmed   Fish circling Bruno   Sharks below
Rainbow above the surface   Rainbow viewed from Drala Magic   Passing the Avatoru pass as we head for Tahiti


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