Gallery 8
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Gallery 8 - Galápagos to Marquesas
(May 23, 2004 - August 8, 2004)


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Ker-Mor arriving

(courtesy of Waterdragon)
  Chris looking out at the anchorage from the end of the pier   Looking back at the town from the pier
Two cozy iguanas hangin' on the pier   Chris with Taryn & Graham of Waterdragon   Pair of blue-footed boobies
Pelican at our boat   Fishermen who taught us how to catch bait fish for wahoo   The shark we caught with the bait fish (whoops)
Chris at the flamingo lagoon   Pink flamingo and his little friend   Sign for the turtle breeding center
In the turtle brothel   Brothel offspring   Little turtles with their ID numbers
Turtle looking for action   This one is happy cuddling up to a bunch of bananas   Lava lizard
Chris in cave along nature walk to the Wall of Tears   Dana at the cave entrance   Iguanas along the way

The Wall of Tears   Stones in the wall   View from atop the wall
Heather & John (Dancyn), Graham & Taryn and Chris aboard Waterdragon   Still saying "aarghh" after every toast at 3am   Riding horse to Volcán Chico

Hiking down into the crater   The terrain   You could feel the heat escaping from these holes
Old lava tunnel   Crater cacti   Two shades of volcanic rock from two different decades
Pretty view from inside the crater   Checking out the colorful minerals on the rock   Rock with yellow sulfur
View of massive fissure down below   Enjoying the view   Mineral-laden volcanic terrain
Back at the beach where cruisers land their dinghies   Perched iguana looking out at the boats   Sea lion mama & pups

Dana working on "the iceberg"   Kayaking up to the penguins   Galapagos penguins - the most northerly penguins in the world
Sea lion taking command of local boat   Sea lion resting on another local boat   Young sea lion posing pretty
Surfing turtles (can only see one, behind the wave that broke)   Chris picking out some shells   Banana stalk means we're ready to go!



Dana and a mahi-mahi (dorado)   Starboard railing that came off   French labels around the cockpit
Reefed down at dusk   Small squall up ahead   Sample grib file
Rainbow's end   Panorama view (kind of) of both sides of the rainbow   Land ho!
Fatu Hiva on our radar screen while we're hove to   Looking out at Fatu Hiva   Hoisting our French courtesy flag as we arrive in French Polynesia



Chris videotaping as we round the south end of Fatu Hiva   Chris & Dana just after arriving   Anchored in Hanavave Bay!
Rainbow over Fatu Hiva   The quay and breakwater at Hanavave   One of their racing pirogues
Pirogues with outboard motors!   A new friend bringing us pamplemousse   Ker-Mor looking pretty in Hanavave Bay
Felix on board for some trading   George on Trusquin, holding a trusquin   Natalie on Trusquin
Ted, Ian & Tasha of Millennial Destiny   Ker-Mor at dusk   Dana at the start of the waterfall hike
A copra drying shed (copra is dried coconut flesh from which oil is extracted)   Chris hiking towards the waterfall   Petroglyph on rock
The lush forest   Chris taking in the view   Water raining down from the mountain onto the road on our walk back
Ker-Mor, Trusquin & Millennial Destiny anchored in Hanavave Bay   Kids rehearsing for their Marquesan dance performance   The men jamming on ukuleles, guitars, drums & spoons
The women rehearsing for their performance   Kids with attitude   Girls after rehearsal
Dana & the girls   Fatu Hiva in the distance   Passing Tahuata (and Hiva Oa behind it) en route to Nuku Hiva



Approaching Nuku Hiva   Taiohae Bay   Our new food staple - baguettes with cheese and spiced mustard (yum!)
Rose Corser at the Keikahanui Inn   Tahitian dance competition in town   Shake it!
Chris with Karen from Lady A after the dance competition   Bill, Laura, Matthew & Paul after dinner aboard Emma   Ker-Mor anchored in Taiohae Bay (hotel bungalows on hill in background)
What happens to dinghies tied up to the quay at Taiohae   Chris wet from rain upon arrival at our new home for three days   Looking towards our balcony
Chris all cleaned up on our balcony overlooking the bay   Bungalow at Keikahanui Inn   Victor (Drala Magic) with tattooed Marquesan Akitini
Cruisers at another dance competition   Watching the performance   Cruisers joining in with the dancers
The catholic church   Chris and a dog that followed us around town   Tiki garden

Chris taking a closer look at a tiki sculpture   View of our hotel bungalow from the tiki garden   Manu's handiwork
Our wedding invitation that Chris made -- see below for wedding photos   Our flower crowns (morning after the wedding)   Pool at the hotel
Same dog (and his buddy standing by the photographer) following us all over town again   Here they are waiting for us outside the grocery store   John & Karen (Lady A) aboard Ker-Mor the night before we left the Marquesas

(Thank you to Karen & John, Huub, Mark, Henry, the Dancyn kids & Victor for photos!)

John, Karen & Alexis of Lady A aboard Ker-Mor for the pre-party   John of Dancyn decked out in his Polynesian best   Allison (Whatever), Heather (Dancyn) & Dana
Chris & Dana videotaping   Passing the video camera on to John   Testing the load capacity aboard Ker-Mor
Our ride!   Vincent, our rear rower, saying goodbye to the gang (beer in hand)   Chris and Dana saying goodbye to the gang
A damp ride to shore aboard the pirogue   Our paparazzi!   Arriving at shore to Marquesan welcome song
Wet celebrants beginning to settle in at the reception   John (Dancyn) & Charlie & Victor (Drala Magic)   Rose, Glen (Dreamcatcher) & Roy (Drala Magic)
Manu (she-man and pareo-wrapper extraordinaire) serving drinks   Dave (Speranza) enjoying dinner while paparazzi Karen awaits Dana's entrance   Dana awaiting her entrance
Dana being carried in by the guys   Chris being escorted in by the girls   Dana, Chris & the high priest
Dana & Chris wrapped in their tapa cloth   Being adorned with flower crowns and leis   Sealing the union with a kiss
Seated while the dancers start the celebration   "Okay, now I want you to pound those things hard as we enter..."   Male dancers entering behind Dana
Female dancers singing   As one begins dancing   Moving her hips and singing with her hands
Seated girls singing and dancing in place   Female dancer and guys dancing in back   The guys pick it up a notch
Close-up on the guys   Doing his one-legged dancing move   The drummers
Carved plaque bearing our Marquesan names   Another kiss for good measure   Time for dinner
"This crown pushes my ears out..."   Oh goody, wine   The band -- these guys were great
Young Paul of Emma telling us how much he enjoyed the ceremony   Mark (Vagabond Blues) & Huub (Speranza) showing us how much they're enjoying the reception   Chris finally gets to take his crown off
Dana still hangin' in there with hers on   Chris' speech   A little dancing...
A little nudity...   And one last photo before we say goodnight   Goodnight!


Whatever anchored in Daniel's Bay   An alter/church on shore   Dana walking through a river
One of the rock piles that mark the trail   Chris examining some ruins   En route to the waterfall
Waterfall in the distance -- the 3rd tallest one in the world   Base of the waterfall   Chris near the base of the waterfall
Chris walking back through "town"   You find phone booths in the oddest places in French Polynesia   Moon rising as the sun sets



76-foot Lady A anchored in Anaho Bay   Full moon rising   Karen (Lady A) weaving Chris' ring
Spotted puffer   Chris on shore (note the hardened lava along the sand)   Looking down the coast
How palm trees are born   Chris walking back towards the anchorage (can you spot Ker-Mor?)   Dolphins and melon-head whales swimming at our bow on our way back to Taiohae
Though much larger than dolphins, they're a small breed of whale   Showing their melon-heads   Showing their fins




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