Gallery 7
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Gallery 7 - Costa Rica to Galápagos
(January 26, 2004 - May 22, 2004)


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Boats moored at Costa Rica Yacht Club   Happy Hours tilting over at low tide   Atlantis tilting over at low tide
Ker-Mor being hauled out as Carlos yells out "suave, suave!"   Ker-Mor stripped down   Pretty wood!
Juan (gordo) & coworker   the "Internet guys"   Dana & Chris at the club
Almost finished   Thirsty Ker-Mor going back in the drink   Carnival parade
Jan & the FMPs

(photo courtesy of Cabiri)

  Joe & the FMPs

(photo courtesy of Cabiri)

  Aggie & the FMPs

(photo courtesy of Wanderlust)

Taryn & the FMPs

(photo courtesy of Waterdragon)

  Dana & the FMPs   Donna & the FMPs

(photo courtesy of Nintai)

Back at the club   Graeme & Janna on Dragonfly, leaving for the Galápagos      



Gran Hotel Costa Rica in San Jose   View of the National Theater from our room   View of plaza from our room
Music and dancing down in the plaza   These guys were great   Chris' family in Iowa



Chris preparing the boat for departure   Passing wreck on way out of Puntarenas   Proposal on sail
Chris & the sail   Dana & the sail   Anchorage at Isla Jesusita
Dana on Jacó beach   Chris in Jacó (with Loren's hammock)   Chris in Herradura (still carrying Loren's hammock)
Looking out at our anchorage in Herradura Bay   Looking towards Los Sueños Marina in Herradura Bay   The luminescent Volcán Poas crater
Dana & the crater   Moss covered branches   Dana & a giant leaf



Flying off to Vegas for a couple days for Show West   Night out in LA (after Dana's horrible haircut - I said "poquito!")   Chris & Loren on Santa Monica pier
Loren & Dana on Santa Monica pier   Loren & kid on rollercoaster   Chris & Dana playing on the rings at Muscle Beach
Loren, our cousin Cheryl, Dana & Chris   Visiting Loren's new home   At the mall with Dana's dad (after neck surgery)

(Project Concern International Health and Development Programs)           

Schoolboy in Nicaragua   Preparing for a meal at school (Food For Education program)   Schoolgirls drinking their pinol
Post baby-weighing consultation (Integral Health Attention for Children program)   Moms & babies waiting for their turn   Happy & healthy baby
Road work in Pantasma (Food for Work program)   Kids from Escuela Tomatoya showing off their water bottles (solar disinfection of water / SODIS program)   Lunchtime at Escuela Tomatoya (Food For Education program)
El Salvadoran girl drinking potable water at her home in La Paz   Another El Salvadoran girl showing the latrine at her home   Her mom rinsing corn in potable water
Another of her daughters   Mom & baby in Sicahuite   Potable water at a home in Cañal Montefresco
El Salvadoran men from the communities of Taburete Claro and El Escondido   El Salvadorans assembling to accept responsibility for their new water and latrine systems   Water faucet at the Suchitoto water filtration plant
El Salvadoran girl in Palo Grande   Helping herself to some clean water   Puppies need clean water too!
Happy kids at their home in Palo Grande   And their shy little sister   Boys collecting water for a community that does not yet have water pipes



Some food provisioning as we prepare to leave Puntarenas   Ker-Mor at the fuel dock   Panga leading us out of the estuary
The fishing boat that almost ended our voyage   Chris adjusting the sails en route   Booby coming in for a landing
Booby still there at night   Still there in the morning   Sunrise at sea
Chris catching a quick nap at the helm   Approaching Isla del Coco   Rangers checking us in at Bahia de Chatham
Dana's new bathing suit matching Ker-Les' new color scheme   Waterfall into the bay   Cristóbal in Ker-Les
Cristóbal snorkeling   Fish!   Fish being followed by Dana
White tip shark appearing from behind a rock   Shark swimming below   Shark coming towards us!
Run away!   Chris being rescued by fairy dust   Dana steering Ker-Les to the next snorkeling spot
The scuba boat that sold us diesel in Bahia Chatham   Islet where the sharks were, with boobies on top   Cousteau's rock carving
On shore   The ranger station at Bahia Chatham   Chris hiking up the mountain
View from part way up   Dana hiking up   Rest stop with a spectacular view (you can see Ker-Mor)
Ker-Mor and others moored in Bahia Chatham   Ker-Mor in Bahia Chatham at dusk   Ker-Mor in Bahia Chatham



Chris sewing the genoa sail   Dana sewing the genoa sail   Taking down our tattered Costa Rica courtesy flag
Hoisting our courtesy flags for Ecuador and the Galápagos   Notes to Poseidon and Neptune as we approach the equator   GPS showing N 00˚000.00' at the equator
Making a wish before tossing Neptune's jar   Tossing Poseidon's jar   Some rum for Poseidon
Panoramic view of the Puerto Ayora anchorage (Ker-Mor is the tiny one 5 from the left)   Looking over the anchorage towards town   View towards town from Ker-Mor
Stand-off between Chris and pelican on our bowsprit   Chris, Brent & Irma walking to Tortuga Bay   Cute little bird en route to Tortuga Bay
Beautiful white sands of Playa Brava at Tortuga Bay   Ghost crab on Playa Brava   Ibises on Playa Brava
Dana meets her first marine iguana (only found in Galápagos)   Resting contently just before spitting at Dana through his nose   Marine iguanas blending in with the rocks
Brent, Chris & a marine iguana   Chris making faces at the iguana   Brent & Irma moving on to other things, Chris still playing with the iguana
Reef shark in Tortuga Bay lagoon   Dana & Chris in the cactus forest   Cacti at Tortuga Bay
Marine iguana close-up!   Showing off his back side   Round-table meeting of marine iguanas
Oystercatcher resting in the sand   Chris on Playa Brava - time to go home   Heron on the fountain back in town
Night heron watching the water   Ray night-feeding in shallow water - watch your step!   Chris at the Charles Darwin Research Station
Dana at the Charles Darwin Research Station   Female Galápagos giant tortoise   Her close-up
Dana with a male giant tortoise   Resting his heavy head on the ground   Galápagos land iguana at the Darwin Research Station
Chris getting on the water taxi   Small marine iguanas hanging out at the taxi dock   Local girl watching Dana work on web site updates
Dinner with Ilze & Skip   Chris, Graham & Taryn   Shopping at the produce market
Chris in Puerto Ayora   Pelicans waiting for fish scraps   Pelican in tree full of nests
Puffer fish kissing Chris' finger in a lagoon   Marine iguana looking out at the boats   And another
She can't see me if I hold really still...   I think she sees me now...   Screw it - hi!



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