Gallery 6
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Gallery 6 - Back to Boating
(October 8, 2003 - January 25, 2004)


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Chris working on the boat with local fishermen in the background   Boats moored at BMC (Ker-Mor is 3rd from left)   The dinghy dock
BMC pool area (Chris chatting with Jan)   Chris in the pool chatting with Joe & Jan   Chris in the pool chatting with Rick
BMC member dancing with Jan   The computer room at BMC   View from the computer room
BMC fuel docks   Prestomar shrimp boats   Usúlutan hauled out
Heriberto & Juan (BMC manager & owner)   BMC bungalow (Heriberto giving Dana a tour)   Chris cleaning up on deck at the end of a day of boat work
Egret in mangroves   Cruising boats viewed from Ker-Mor   Rainbow over Puerto Barillas
Birds flying over Barillas at sunset   View of Ker-Mor through the mangroves   Dinner on Gamecock (Brad, Chris, Rick & Nancy)
Panoramic view of moored boats and volcano   Our ride   On the road out of Barillas
Usúlutan - shopping Mecca for BMC cruisers   The main attraction (grocery store)   Usúlutan - view from La Despensa
Friendly Usúlutan resident (a little too friendly)   Rick's favorite eatery in town   Happy shoppers on their way back to Barillas
Slimy frog in the shower   Frog on the mirror (or Rorschach test?)   Dinner on Garbi (Nancy & Carol kickin' back while the boys cook)
Chris & Dana with the President of El Salvador, Francisco Flores   President's helicopter taking off from BMC   Chris & Dana on Ker-Mor
Dana & Chris inside Ker-Mor   Dana behind Plum's monstrous wheel   Hanging out over coffee
En route to cemetery for Dia de los Muertos   View of volcano from road   The crowded and colorful cemetery
Chris at the cemetery   Graves and cloud-covered volcano   Chris and man visiting mother's grave
Ker-Mor at the fuel dock (notice bat poop stains on sails)
(Rick's photo)
  Rick on Garbi at the fuel dock   Garbi ready to begin her fateful voyage



Honduran border stop on way to Costa Rica by bus   Nicaraguan volcano viewed from bus   Costa Rican squirrel eating a coconut
Tanny at the first platform of our canopy tour   Zipping across the line   Tanny excitedly climbing to the next platform
Horseback ride through the jungle   Our guide perched high above Tamarindo   Howler monkeys
Tanny & Chris admiring a view of Playa Flamingo   Dana, Tanny & Chris having lunch at a soda on Playa Flamingo   Fried snapper - yum!
This one was a little too big for the plate   Frilly bird joining us at the table   Chris & Lola enjoying a romantic stroll down Playa Avellana


Ker-Mor moored at Barillas   Chris taking a turn at the bolt sawing as Joe awaits his shift   Close-up of the work space
Dana's turn   The flexible shaft coupling with sawed bolts, finally removed!   Followed by the beast itself - the transmission
Luckily, Prestomar had really big wrenches for opening up the transmission   "I've had it up to here with this transmission!"   Searching for problems in the pristine planet gears

"Harrrgh!  Transmission work makes me mangy!"   Chris cleaning up at the barbershop in Usúlutan   Back at the ferreteria (hardware store), again
Louis and Heriberto taking us for a panga ride through the mangroves   Panga parked at Isla San Sebastian   Dana on the beach in the early morning sun
Our own private beach - yippee!   Super close-up of Dana (with hair dyed darker - its temporary)   Chris on the beach looking out at the volcano
Chris, Heriberto and some other guy walking through the coconut plantation   Dana riding the horse that a local lent to her   Dana on the panga ride back to BMC
Joe, Babe, Rod, Chris & Candice at the BMC pool for our afternoon meeting   Jill, Chris, Dana & Heriberto at our Thanksgiving table   Dana trying out her coconut rum drink
Cloudy sunset over the marina   Fiery sunset over BMC   Our old starter solenoid
RG on Avaiki   Candace on Avaiki   Goodbye from Ben & Nancy of Dream Catcher
Goodbye from Heriberto   Departure papers in hand   Leaving Bahia de Jiquilisco



Raising the Costa Rica courtesy flag   En route to Costa Rica   Avaiki in Bahia Santa Elena as we pulled in
Ker-Mor in Bahia Santa Elena   Rainbow over Santa Elena   Local fisherman
Their fishing yacht   Nancy and Chris driving away with our fresh fish   Red snapper for dinner
Ballyhoo fishermen   Chris gives it a try   Success!
Swimming in the fresh water pool below the waterfall   Funky caterpillar   Chris giving the heat exchanger a check-up
Happy hour aboard Ker-Mor   Visit from the Costa Rican coast guard   Avaiki anniversary dinner aboard Dream Catcher
Dana rowing down the river   Bringing our jerry jugs to the fresh water   Fill 'er up!



Dagwood in his Santa's hat   Presents under the Christmas tree   Chris by the tree
Dana's view from the ratlines   Looking down at Chris   Christmas potluck group
Jan, Joe, RG, Candace, Howard, Donna, Dana & Chris   Gift exchange   Waiting for the bus
Candace & RG hold on to their hats as we take the back of a pick-up instead   Ahhh... hot coffee, free ride & wind in the face make for a contented Chris   Boobies hitching a ride to Bahia Carrillo
Dinner   Bahia Carrillo   Graham and Ben on Playa Tamarindo
Graham & Taryn of Water Dragon   Our New Year's Eve buddies   Sunset over Tamarindo
New Year's Eve dinner   Antics around the fire at midnight   Sailing around Cabo Blanco



Water Dragon leaving Bahia Ballena as we arrived   The pier at Tambor   Little village by our anchorage
Parking the car (thre's a huge resort hidden behind those trees)   Heading home under a full moon   Chris' mom on board!
Chris' mom on her first dingy ride  



Chris at the helm   Chris & Mom by the reefs
Dana & Chris smooching in front of Mom   Carriage ride with our 13 year old driver   Chris & Mom in back
Morpho butterfly with wings closed   Morpho butterfly with wings open (a classic image of Costa Rica)   Caged scarlet macaw
Boa constrictor in its cage   Boa constrictor around Dana's neck!   Chris & Dana in front of some huge old tree
Chris & Mom at lunch at Barceló   Chris & Mom by the pool at Barceló   Bridge to the nature preserve
Monkeys crossing the bridge! (Sorry its blurry, but the bridge was bouncy.)   Monkeys jumping to the tree before getting to close to me   Howler monkey close-up
Hungry little raccoon   Dana feeding the raccoon   Two alligators (caimans really) in here
Chris introducing Mom to foos ball   The nightly show at Barceló   Dana feeding the fruit turtle (mom's disposable camera)
Dana, Mom & Chris (another disposable camera shot)   Chris & Mom behind traditional painted ox-cart   Ker-Mor arriving in Puntarenas


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