Gallery 5
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Gallery 5 - Central America 3
(June 21, 2003 - October 7, 2003)


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arriving from San Salvador   view from our room at the Honduras Maya (our home for a few weeks)   panoramic view of Tegucigalpa (shaped like a bowl - surrounded by mountains)
Chris admiring the view   rear view of the giant Cristo overlooking Tegucigalpa   our apartment for 3 months
our living room   our kitchen   our hallway
view from our roof   close-up on the prison   view from La Leona (a neighborhood in Tegus)
the cinema at Metro Centro   Santa Lucia (a town in the hills above Tegus)   Dana in Santa Lucia
Chris shopping in Villa de Angeles (near Santa Lucia)   Chris at the office   coke sign in Tegus
Chris' 38th birthday   keeping in shape with a Maya pool membership   Chris doing laps



our rented house   looking up at the master suite from the pool   crab
crab climbing out on towel while Loren waxes board   Loren mesmerized by swinging shell   view from El Diria
Playa Tamarindo   Loren pretending to fix the car when it stopped running   Juanita, Loren & Laura
golfing at Hacienda Pinilla   guanacaste tree   view from last hole
Jeff on Blue Dolphin   Loren on Blue Dolphin   Dana & Lola
Loren at Playa Avellana   Dana learning to surf   foosball!
Ischia arrives   shopping for groceries   Dana & Ischia on the swings at the Lazy Wave
suiting up for a canopy tour   Ischia shocked at top of first platform   sliding down a cable
bridge across the canopy   Dana & Chris   climbing to higher platforms
Chris, Dana, Ischia & Francine   posing with our guides   dinner at home
Dana & Chris at Kandice's   gecko who liked to watch us through the window   butterflies laying eggs
eggs & young caterpillars   caterpillars devouring a leaf    grown caterpillars beginning to cocoon
Ischia & Chris surfing   Dana & Ischia paddling to catch a wave   Ischia, Dana & Francine at Playa Flamingo
visiting Lola again at Playa Avellana   hermit crab strolling down the beach   Chris takes a closer look at another one
relaxing at Lola's on the Beach   angry monkey at the Monkey Park   rodeo in Tamarindo
horseback riding through the jungle   Dana at viewpoint   Dana, Francine & Ischia at the top
Jeff, Jen, Juanita, Dana, Laura & Nenad   iguana posing at Jardin del Eden   back to Avellana hitching a ride with surf guides
rodeo at the festival   Ischia eating festival food in Santa Rosa   line at the Nicaraguan border
view from bus window   Chris, Leonel & Gail in San Salvador   what Loren's movie posters look like in Central America


ox-cart we passed on our drive to Honduras   signs for political candidates painted on rocks (I don't think I've ever seen them on a real sign)   back in Tegucigalpa
cemetery and cathedral in Tegucigalpa   another painted Blue Bird bus   men fishing in an estuary off Lake Yojoa
D&D Brewery (and restaurant/hotel)!   they had beautiful flowers there   and lots of butterflies
bet you've never looked at a dragonfly this close up   a handsome brown dragonfly (you're lucky I'm stopping here - there are more)   Chris, Bob and a D&D regular playing cribbage
the D&D Brewery container   Bob shopping for produce in Peña Blanca   Catarata Pulhapanzak - a huge waterfall near Lake Yojoa (see tiny people near bottom)
Dana in front of the falls   Chris standing in the river at the top of the waterfall   Las Vegas, Honduras!
El Mochito (a mining town near Lake Yojoa)   Chris and a mechanic in the pit checking out our car's broken suspension (PCI's, actually)   the new car Chris bought for PCI, back in Tegucigalpa
the new office building Chris rented for PCI Honduras (formerly the Brazilian embassy)   street view of the new office (& huge tree)   waiter in traditional restaurant looking out at modern new fast food restaurants
Dana & Chris playing blackjack with Chris' birthday chips   I'm not permitted to show this man's face -- isn't that mysterious?   Chris & Dana with the manager of the Castle
Chris & Dana without the manager (for parents who want pictures of the two of us but not with some stranger)   Back at the casino with Ibrahim - the birthday chips still bringing Chris luck   Honduran bowlers marching in during AMF World Cup opening ceremonies
Chris, Dana & Ibrahim with the Uzbekistan bowler   playing soccer with the kids in Santa Lucia   Ibrahim, Dana, Ahamed & Mohammed in Santa Lucia
Ahamed, Chris, Ibrahim & Mohammed in Santa Lucia   Ibrahim's muddy shirt after falling down playing soccer   men's semifinals at the Bowling World Cup
Mohammed's picture of Dana & Chris   Dana's picture of Mohammed   the bowling men give us a wave
Work-related field trip to a village overlooking Tegucigalpa   the boyz in the hood   the girlz in the hood
this one was too cute   see houses in background   last shot of the photo session (these kids kept asking Dana to take pictures of them)



Flying out of Tegucigalpa (marked to show apartment, office & hotel)   Saying goodbye to grandparents' house   Loren & Dana at dinner
Going to brunch in Jim's electric car   Dana & new friends at Moonshadow's   Dana's parents visiting her in LA



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