Gallery 4
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Gallery 4 - Central America 2
(May 1, 2003 - June 20, 2003)


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walking to Gringo Perdido in Remate   our room at Gringo Perdido   Chris on the dock in Remate
Dana on the dock   Ceiba tree (national tree of Guatemala) in Tikal   Chris making his way through the jungle (and the mosquitoes?)
there's a monkey in here   Tikal in 1890 (obviously we didn't shoot this one)   Chris reading about the first structure we came to (Complex Q)
Chris reading about the stelae   a structure that's still buried (and Chris reading about it)   rear view of Temple I
front view of Temple I - Tikal's poster child   Chris reading in front of Temple I   North Acropolis
Chris reading on the North Acropolis   Central Acropolis   arched ceiling inside
Chris reading on the Central Acropolis   Chris with Temple II in background   Temple II
cool tree   black vulture overlooking Gran Plaza   climbing up the back of Temple IV
Chris admiring the view from Temple IV   Dana too   heck, lets just put them both together
view of Temples I, II and III and Mundo Perdido from Temple IV   Chris on a structure (Complex N?)   on top of the world - Lost World that is (Mundo Perdido)
view from Mundo Perdido - Temple IV in the distance   structure in Plaza of the Lost World Plaza   Dana somewhere (South Acropolis?)
toucan poking its head out its nest   toucan and temple   coatimundi looking for munchies (looks like he's been munched on himself)
coatimundi digging   vultures at dusk   tough guy with cards and a popsicle stick



"they're not going to believe it when they see you"   Belen's church   Nelly's store
Olivia, Chris, Guillermo & Abimael   Olivia, Chris & Dana   Dana & bunny
in the jailhouse   in the cell   sheriff's kids
cute kitten   Chris & Daisy (former nurse)   cobblestone streets
hiking up to the cemetery   the cemetery   checking out the view
looking down on the town   making tortillas at Nelly's house   Nelly's parrot joined us for the meal
bridge en route to waterfall   watch your step!   tile-making demonstration, beginning with a ball of manure & mud (& more)
preparing piece to place on mold   setting on mold   kids with tiles drying in background
laughing after Dana stepped on one   tile-maker's home in aldea Paraiso   his kids
pasture on way to waterfall   waterfall!   Chris swimming (brrrr)
manly men   shivering boys   warm and dry
forest surrounding waterfall   hiking through the forest   peek-a-boo horse
Belen in the distance   bridge built by Aquilino & Guillermo   back in town
blurry school house packed for mother's day event   sonrisas, por favor!   Dana's playmates
farewell cake with Aquilino & Olivia   just some of the family at the table      



waiting for the train   here comes the banana train   Chris on the train
passing through a town   Dana on the train   riding outside the car (banana trees in background)
watching the scenery zoom by   view alongside the train   leaving the train
Chris outside our room at the Maya Vista hotel in Tela   Dana and Chris in Tela   luxury bus to Tegucigalpa
inside the bus (comfy & movies!)   view from our room at the Honduras Maya in Tegucigalpa   watching the guys with guns on the roof
zooming in   downtown Tegus   shoeshine stand



love these trees (en route to Managua)   Sandino silhouette looking over Managua
(not our photo)
  Leonel & Dana enjoying the mariachis
dock to Leonel's boat   Chris on board with Leonel & Leonel Jr.   observers
house in El Valero   dinner with Christina, Rick, Brian & Ana   Gigantona!
Leonel's cute little dog with a dangling tongue   what a goofball (you have to enlarge this one)   bus from Managua to San Salvador



leaving El Salvador   arriving in Iowa   cow's wonder why we're back
Chris, Alison & their mom   Mike's daughter Crystal & her son Preston   visiting Madison, Wisconsin to see Scott & family
posing in front of the capital   admiring the inside of the capital   Laura flies away from the house (on a tree swing)
playing with sparklers   visiting the mustard museum!   Dana, Philip, Laura, Hannah & Chris (the kids)
Dana & her dad in California on father's day   Nancy & Loren too   Loren & Dana at the Charlie's Angels premiere in LA
back in Iowa, saying goodbye to Chris' mom   Mississippi River   Visiting Quentin in Chicago before catching our flight



flying into El Salvador   back at Barillas, where our boat waits patiently   Barillas fuel dock
fishing boat fleet   restaurant at Barillas   Chris drinking a smoothy
Heriberto, Barillas manager (who takes good care of us)   passing a bull-powered cart on the road to Usulutan   rush hour en route to Usulutan



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