Gallery 2
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Gallery 2 - Mainland Mexico
(February 15, 2003 - April 6, 2003)


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Marina El Cid in Mazatlán   Showered and relaxed   Chris branded himself with a nut (as in bolts) (not on purpose)
One of the pools at Marina El Cid   I swear I'm more tan than I look   Here come the iguanas!
Green ones...   Ones with attitude...   Grey ones...
And really big ones!   Holding power tools in a bikini - haven't I seen this in a B magazine somewhere?   Beach at Mazatlán
Mazatlán taxi (pulmonia) loaded with our groceries   Claus & Dana overlooking Rancho Las Moras resort   Church above Rancho Las Moras
Inside the church (searching for the resident rattlesnake)   Claus & Chris admiring the view   Rancho Las Palmas Resort
Peacock walking the halls   Where they used to make tequila   The ranch
A kiss for Dana   Pool and restaurant overlooking the valley   Lunchtime
Peacock coming to join us   Billiards room   Horse that gave Chris scabies?
Dana and Claus, her protector   Cute little burro   Peacock sneaking behind Chris
Peacocks getting ready to fly up to the roofs   Peacock flying to the next roof   Success!



Temporarily catching a dorado

Volcanic rocks at Isla Isabela

Our anchor securely holding onto the rocks

Underwater at Isla Isabela

Fishing boat

Peeking into the tide pools

Beginning our nesting grounds tour

Iguanas guarding the compound

Iguana, frigate & socks

Iguana close-up

Checking out the frigate nests

Frigate mama

Frigate chick (like mother like daughter)

Frigate shows off her large wing span

Moving up to booby territory

Yellow-footed booby

Peak of boobies

Can you spot Ker-Mor?

Blue-footed booby sitting on her eggs

Looking down on Isla Isabela

Pair of yellow-footed boobies

Chris gets a squawking to

The squawker

High above Ker-Mor

Watching the frigates fly

Forked tail

A good-lookin' booby

I wonder why they call them blue-footed?

Baby squawker

Anchored at Isla Isabela



Another hitchhiker

He is cute though

Hey, there's no time for grooming on this ship

Puerto Vallarta

The boardwalk

One of the statues along the boardwalk

Bohemia time


Foot bridge across the Rio Cuale

Shopping at Isla Cuale

Looking toward the lush hills of southern PV

Leaving Marina Vallarta



Watching for sea turtles

Sea turtle in the distance

Wing 'n' wing, with the new rigging method

Booby dive-bombing into Chamela Bay

Fishing frenzy

Drinking coconut milk

Climbing the new rat lines

Palapas on shore

Our private anchorage



Entering Careyes bay

Approaching our anchorage

Dining at Playa Rosa ("the Rains photo")

View #1 of Ker-Mor

Restaurant at Playa Rosa

Ker-Les all alone on the beach

View #2 of Ker-Mor (from the condos)

Asking for directions

El Careyes resort

View #3 of Ker-Mor (from El Careyes)

Rowing to shore

Condos on the hill

Watching the sun set

View #4 of Ker-Mor (from Playa Rosa)

Lunch at Careyitos (hmmm, turrets...)

Strolling the Careyitos beach

Trekking to the large beach

Fogged up camera

Happy hour aboard Pleiades Lady

More happy people

Happy poodle warming my seat



Icky (the crevalle jack)

Rowing through the jungle river tour

Bird on mangroves

Narrow and shady portion of river

Rest stop at the sand bar on the way back out

Ker-Les gets a break too

Maiden sailing voyage of Ker-Les

Maiden sailing voyage of Ker-Les

Leaving Tenacatita

Sea turtle with bird on board

Dolphins joining us




Sunrise en route to Zihuatanejo

Just before the tequila started pouring

Our "Cuban" musicians

Hanging by the pool at Crystal

Overlooking Ixtapa beach

Watching a perfect sunset

Cathie, Eric, Dana, Wes & Tiff

Dana & Chris

One of the many fat mermaids at La Sirena Gorda


And the fattest one of all

Tiff and Wes brave Ker-Mor on a rolly night

Eric and Cathie feelin' good

Rowing them home

Load #2

Grounded Mariner at Zihua

Rear view

Kids "help" Chris secure Ker-Les

Zihua bay

Tropical Internet cafe

Lunch overlooking the bay

Mexican bridge

Dinner overlooking Zihua bay

Dana at dinner

La Bruja dance

Still balancing those candles

Dance troupe from Juarez

Fish stands on the beach

Craft market

I love these things



(sorry - disposable camera with bad scanning)


Club de Yates de Acapulco

Chris in the pool at Club de Yates

Restaurant/bar at Club de Yates

Lunch at Caleta beach

Cliff diver on his way to the big jump

Testing out puro huezo

"Zooming" away

On top of the fort



(sorry - disposable camera with bad scanning)

Catching a tuna

Dolphins jumping in the distance

Huatulco harbor

Port Captain's office

Chris captures the bandita on film

Dana in Huatulco

Lunch at the beach

Lots of gulls to feed

Chris carrying jerry cans for fetching gas

Leaving Huatulco

Back at sea

Sleeping on deck




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