Gallery 1
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Gallery 1 - Baja California
(November 30, 2002 - February 15, 2003)


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California Yacht Marina, Chula Vista (south San Diego Bay)

B-Dock at California Yacht Marina

Giving the tour to Chris' mom and stepdad

Hauled out in Point Loma for bottom painting

Getting to know the boat from stem to stern

Making her pretty

Taking Tony and John for a test drive

Bon voyage tea at Treena's

PCI says goodbye to Chris

Lisa's bon voyage party

Dana says goodbye to Sheppard Mullin

Dana's windlass and anchor roller project

Chris beefing up the battery power

Peeking through a hole in the deck

Chris' least favorite area to work in (the engine "room")

Climbing the mast

Dana's parents checking out our progress

Farewell party at Janine and Wil's house

Overnighting in Glorietta Bay to test out the new anchor set up

Chris trying out the new snorkel gear (yipes, we're not in tropical water yet!)

Leaving San Diego

(They didn't even get up to say goodbye)

Sailing from San Diego to the Coronado Islands (Los Coronados, Mexico)

Approaching Los Coronados at sunset

Our completed route

Hauling 'er out

Hauled out at Baja Naval

Time to celebrate!

Rum and coke and chips and salsa - yeah

Tacos and Coke Light - our meal of choice


Drinks with Dana's parents

Loren playing Chris' mini-guitar

Dana's parents and Martha at dinner

Terri Sharon Ramon & Lucy

Darrell & Luanne

David & Louisa

Roxanne & Mark

Janine & Wil

The rebel rousers

I caught her!

I caught another one!

Dana & her brother

Yeah, you can drink in the streets in Mexico

Very happy teenagers

Slammers at Hussongs

Dana & her dad

Nancy, Martha & Dana

Brunch table #1

Brunch table #2

Bryce at the helm

Loren above deck

Loren Dana & Chris

The tour crowd


Brent arrives


Sea lion with pelicans

Team shove-off

Leaving Ensenada

Wave goodbye from the sea lions

Please don't let this happen to us

Dana at the bow

Dolphin (Lomie, this one's for you)

Cold, dark and 7.33 knots (with the sails reefed)!

This would be so much easier in tropical weather

Sunrise - a welcome sight

Big friggin' waves - this one just passed us (photos make waves appear smaller, by the way)

Cedros - our island oasis

Sea lions swimming around the boat (& Dana's reflection)

Friendly sea lions

The only other boat we saw in Cedros

Chris hangin' with the sea lions

Elephant seals on shore

Leaving Cedros




Whale tail!

After the unplanned M.O.B. drill

Dana at the helm

Sunrise at sea

Whale breaching off Cabo Falso

Cabo Falso - almost the southernmost tip of Baja

The Arch at the tip of Cabo San Lucas

Entering Bahia San Lucas

Chatting with Al

Dinner with Al & Vicki

Docked in Marina Cabo San Lucas

Marina Cabo San Lucas

Marina Cabo San Lucas

Making pizza

Moored in Bahia San Lucas

Pelicans taking over our dinghy (okay, I fed them)

Supposed to look like friars climbing the mountain (I don't see it)

Can you see the huge halo around the moon? (indicates cirrostratus clouds)

Los Frailes (home to the only living hard-coral reef system on the W side of N America)

Whales putting on a show (viewed from our anchorage)

Breaching whale

Pretty beach at Frailes

Bird hitching a ride with us across the Sea of Cortez

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