Gallery 3
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Gallery 3 - Central America 1
(April 6, 2003 - May 1, 2003)


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(sorry - disposable camera with bad scanning) (mostly)

lowering the Mexican flag

still catching fish in a milk crate

following the panga (after the breakers)

moored at Barillas

Chris on Ker-Mor

Internet tables at Barillas

Jen & Bruce on Fearless

Chris on the rat lines

birds fighting over our wind vane (poster edged)


chicks for sale

bananas in Usulutan

the monkey man in action

Dana feeding the monkey

monkeys caged b/c they don't get along with the others

holding the monkey's hand

monkey compound


hungry monkey

hangin' around

a tan Chris & Dana

Dana & Ana

friend's of John's

the girls

the guys

here comes the tequila

view from John's balcony

Schwartz department store in San Salvador!

back at Barillas

John & family on Ker-Mor

(sorry - digital camcorder stills)

woman with cloth on head

woman with sack on head

they even carry grass on their heads

snack lady

actor playing Roman (aka broomhead) for Semana Santa

more Romans

men who wear these purple outfits get to join in the processions

men with daughters on bike watching the show

more onlookers

the beginnings of an alfombra

making a sawdust alfombra

another one

a unique alfombra

detail close-up on a flower alfombra

an impressive flower alfombra

JC float carried by purple people

JC on float

Mary float carried by women

close-up of the women

Dana and purple people

I was waiting for him to wash a particular part, but it didn't happen

sales women in Parque Central

this little sales lady was really working it

but she loosened up a bit

and even brought her friend over

curious kid wants in

public pila for washing clothes

grabbing a drink at Cafe Sky

Dana after drinking it

view north from Cafe Sky

view south from Cafe Sky (San Francisco church and Volcan de Agua)

view from street of Cafe Sky and San Francisco church

yellow church (La Merced?)

they have cool doors in Antigua

window bar decor

municipal building along Parque Central

another building along Parque Central

an old church that's now open-air thanks to earthquake damage

another procession

purple people whipped out video cameras

amidst the purple people

Chris in the crowd

real criminal made to play criminal in procession

trio of onlookers

JC float

close-up of JC

walking over the procession-trampled alfombra

mourning onlooker

Chris dealing up a hand of blackjack

Dana's Spanish teacher (Martha)

street dogs meeting

street dogs getting better acquainted

Chris and Dora (or host for one week) at the dining table

Dana posing by the circus curtains in our room

bus outta town

Hotel Spring, Guatemala City

church in Guatemala City

Chris in Guatemala City

Dana outside the artisan market

Blvd. Liberacion & Ave. Reforma


waiting at the bus station   expert bus maintenance   our bust to Panajachel
note the Donald Duck "I love U" sign up front   arriving in Panajachel   two Cuba Libres for about a buck!
Dana before her Cuba Libra   and after   our hotel room in Panajachel
the artisan area in Panajachel   lakeside boardwalk   couple in traditional dress
beach at Panajachel   salespeople on the beach   I'm still impressed with that head-carrying thing
cool getup!   Chris waiting for our boat across the lake   boarding the boat
leaving Panajachel   crossing Lake Atitlán   Posada de Santiago hotel
Dana's new friend at the Posada   Isn't he sweet?   our room at the Posada
inside our room   how we got to and from the hotel   dude checking out hot Guatemalan mama
carrying wood down from the mountain   little guys help out too   fishermen on Lake Atitlán
peeking down at the dock   friendly Guatemalan girls   amused by the camera
t-shirts with traditional dress   market day in Santiago   selling produce
Chris and his walking stick - for defense on our hike   love those pants   boarding the boat to San Pedro La Laguna
arriving in San Pedro   women washing clothes   Chris and our volcano guide
washing clothes in the lake   breakfast on the lake   leaving town to hike the volcano
on the trail   coffee plants   coffee beans
taking a rest in the shade   admiring the view   view to the left
back at the trailhead   hitching a ride back to town   glad that's not our ride
bringing wood down the mountain   hang in there little guy!   leaving San Pedro La Laguna
our friend on the boat   bull with horns cut   his pen mates
fishing boats and clothes washing back in Santiago   fishing on Lake Atitlán   bicycle taxi
pastel cemetery viewed from the bus   hailing on new bus passengers as we approach   happy farmer watching our bus pass



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