French Polynesia
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Locations Visited in French Polynesia
(with our latitude & longitude)
Marquesas Islands: Hanavave Bay, Fatu Hiva
Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva
Daniel's Bay, Nuku Hiva
Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva
Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva
(10°27.9' S, 138°40.1' W)
(08°54.9' S, 140°06.1' W)
(08°56.7' S, 140°09.8' W)
(08°49.3' S, 140°03.9' W)
(08°54.9' S, 140°06.1' W)
Tuamotu Archipelago: Tenukuiara, Ahe
Tiputa, Rangiroa
(14°32.2' S, 146°21.4' W)
(14°58.1' S, 147°38.2' W)
Society Islands: Maeva Beach, Tahiti
Cooks Bay, Moorea
Opunohu Bay, Moorea
Fare, Huahine
Mt. Teapaa, Huahine
Pt. Ofaiorio, Huahine
Upapa Bay (CNI), Raiatea
Apu Bay (Marina Iti), Tahaa
Motu Mahaea, Tahaa
Haamene Bay, Tahaa
Hurepiti Bay, Tahaa
Povai Bay, Bora Bora
Tehou Bay, Bora Bora
Pt. Pahua, Bora Bora
(17°34.9' S, 149°37.1' W)
(17°30.2' S, 149°49.2' W)
(17°30.8' S, 149°51.1' W)
(16°42.7' S, 151°02.4' W)
(16°46.9' S, 151°01.7' W)
(16°43.3' S, 151°02.4' W)
(16°44.1' S, 151°29.2' W)
(16°40.9' S, 151°29.1' W)
(16°38.7' S, 151°25.9' W)
(16°38.4' S, 151°29.1' W)
(16°38.6' S, 151°31.0' W)
(16°31.7' S, 151°44.7' W)
(16°31.5' S, 151°46.4' W)
(16°29.4' S, 151°45.8' W)

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