Aceh Gallery 9
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Farewell to Aceh


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Some of the PCI Aceh staff & Aneuk Gajah crew   Staff kids   Country director Glenn & new Aceh Field Office Director Bachtiar
Chris recognizing Refi for his work as a volunteer   Recognizing Dmitry for his work as a volunteer   Chris recognizing Iza for her work since the beginning of the Aceh program
Hug from Iza   Pensive faces among the staff and crew   Teary-eyed captain Sabri after receiving recognition
Dana & Chris with the PCI Aceh cooks   Dana with Kheri (PCI data-entry)   Dana, Kheri & Chris
Dana, Marhaban (nurse) & Chris   Dana, Nas (logistics) & Chris   Dana & Chris



Welcome to Lam Manyang (about 90% killed in the tsunami)   Chief of Lam Manyang, Mulia Budi   Showing us the agreement between surviving community members to return & rebuild
Aneuk Gajah captain Sabri   Sabri's signature and thumbprint on line 38   Nas talking with the chief
Captain Sabri & his daughter, the only surviving child of the Aneuk Gajah crew   Heading outside to tour the community   Rebuilding on old foundations
Crushed cars   The foundation where Sabri's home once stood   Sabri & his daughter, standing where her bedroom was
The man who saved the life of Sabri's daughter   His wife & child (I think)   Sabri's daughter joins them
Shy in front of the camera   Loosening up   Sabri showing us where the other crew homes were
Chris with "his heroes" Sabri & Nas   Chris, Sabri & Nas   A little laughter
Sabri and Nas   Others joining us on Sabri's foundation   Wider view of his home
Sabri's daughter   Sabri's daughter and her young friend   Flag marking the property as being claimed by its owner
Driving back to the office   Partially standing house   Partially standing mosque
Man rebuilding his home   Toilet in the debris   Former neighborhood now beachside
Sun setting over a neighborhood further inland   Materials being collected to rebuild here too   Framed by palm trees
Ruined home and surviving palms   The road back home   Chris with Bachtiar and some PCI staff seeing us off - goodbye Aceh!




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