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PCI Food Distribution in Setia Bakti


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Nas, Chris & Dhanny addressing some of the distribution team   Dhanny assigning stations   PCI food distribution center in Lhok Glumpang
Chris looking proud of our well organized stacks   Barrels of oil   Guide stating portions of rice to hand out
Shopping carts ready to go!   Dana putting on her arm band in the fish station
(photo by Chris)
  Community members waiting for the distribution to begin
More community members waiting with containers for oil   Checking in at the registration area   Kecik (chief) helping to register members of his village
Yushar (PCI field coordinator for Lhok Glumpang) registering a family   Crowd around the registration table   Man ready to get food
Joel (PCI nurse) ready to hand out noodles   Chicken noodle?   "Customer" receiving noodles
Customer about to receive high energy biscuits   PADHI staff handing out biscuits   Boy hanging around the warehouse
Dana & community volunteer handing out fish
(photo by Chris)
  PCI "office boy" separating cans into 10-can portions   Still going
Volunteer boys breaking down empty boxes and keeping them neat   Our youngest volunteer   PCI office boy with a customer
Cart full of noodles, biscuits and fish, heading for the rice and oil   Man receiving rice   Woman receiving rice
Another woman receiving rice   Handing down another sack of rice   Evening off the excess rice scoop
Pouring it into the bag   Chris helping a customer with her cart   Man waiting for his oil
Community volunteer & PADHI staff pouring oil   The measuring scoop they designed   Funneling it into a container
Woman receiving oil   Man watching his oil being poured   Woman waiting for her oil
Same woman receiving her oil   Chris & a community volunteer pouring oil   PADHI staff waiving as happy customers move on
Man smokin' down the aisle   Waiting for him at the end of the line   Another guy coming through with a full cart
Woman entering the weighing station (every 5th customer, to ensure correct distribution)   Chris & Dhanny at the weighing station   The drop off area
Chris getting running off to help the next customer after emptying a cart   Refi (PCI volunteer) running a cart back to the starting line   Refi taking it slightly slower with another cart



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Woman organizing her food before carrying it home   Woman in the drop off area   Woman and her baby at the food distribution
Women who received food    
Closer look at their faces   Men snacking by giant uprooted tree
  Smiles around the drop off area   Smiling family watching the distribution   Baby reaching for camera
Man in drop off area   With a friend   Organizing their food
Sitting around snacking   Socializing in the drop off area   Eating a meal before the long walk home
Man prepares a way to carry his food   Capping his oil   One more shot of the great face on this guy
Kids lining up for chocolate milk   Kids in line   Peaking ahead
Boy with big, soulful eyes   Seriously cute   Future lady's man
Big smile from another boy in line   Boys watching the distribution   Realizing they're being photographed
Beautiful girl from the milk line   Closer crop   In the sunshine
Man and his daughter   Women and girl waiting outside the camp   Closer shot
Dimply smile   Mom and kids hiding from the hot sun   Close-up on the daughter
Girl drinking water by the food warehouse   Woman carrying away a sack of food   More women carrying away sacks of food
Beginning the long walk home   While another arrives   Woman and son heading home
Women loading up a bicycle with food   Carrying food by head, hand & bike   Bringing food home to her family



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