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Monday, 02. June 2003


Hi Chris, Hi Dana! I so enjoyed reading your last logs! I cheered, laughed and envied all the way through! Thank you for keeping this website. I am living through you and cruising down the coast! LOL! I can't believe you caught those big fish!! How exciting and scary at the same time! You two are adorable!! Love, Cathie Bonnar

Monday, 02. June 2003


From Millard [the MILKMAN]....Dana's proud, but constantly concerned PaPa....A thrill to keep abreast of your scenic adventures and exploits and most heart warming to feel, by your separate entries, the feelings you odviously have for each other. When Nancy [the 16+ yr. step-mom] gets a moment to breath...she'll web you her own "sign-in"......LOVE...DAAAAADY.

Wednesday, 04. June 2003


George and Vicki Hunter and Met you at Rick's the night of Pres. Bush's speech re war beginning in Iraq. Our friends have a similar boat and similar "dream" so we are really interested in your adventures! Stay well and safe!

Thursday, 05. June 2003


Hi Dana (& Chris too!): It's Kathryn (from Judge Porter's chambers). Mark Potter & Jim Boyd & I have all checked in to catch up with your big adventure. The website is truly fabulous! Can't wait for your next installment.

Thursday, 05. June 2003


Shannon--It's great to see your progress! Miss you guys!

Sunday, 08. June 2003


Chris and Dana, Just Checking in and looking at your voyage. Whats harder to do, sail or clean the basement at the farm? Kevin and Carmen

Wednesday, 11. June 2003


I check in periodically to take a mental holiday. -Erik

Flavius and Kristin Akerele

Sunday, 22 June 2003



Dawn Anderson

Monday, 30 June 2003


Just checking in on you guys again. MISS YOU! xox d a w n

Margaret Bessenecker

Friday, 04 July 2003


Great, mates!

Janine Bessenecker

Monday, 07 July 2003


Janine Bessenecker

Monday, 07 July 2003


Monday, 07 July 2003


Amy and Dan Cannon

Wednesday, 09 July 2003


Hi Chris and Dana! We love living vicariously through you on your website. Hope all is well -- we miss you! Amy and Dan

Tiffany Wilkins

Wednesday, 16 July 2003


Hi Guys, We are happy to see that you are safe and sound. Enjoy Central America. Tiffany & Wesley Wilkins

Brent the Great

Tuesday, 22 July 2003


Party on Wayne, Chris and Dana!

Susan Fuller

Saturday, 20 September 2003


Sure do miss your company. You guys are in my prayers. Have fun and be safe. Susan

Stephen Lear

Thursday, 06 November 2003


A friend on mine met you in El Salvadore. Her name is Andria and she was aboard the Amity. She's from Vancouver and I live in Santa Cruz, California. Have a great adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Stephen Lear

Margaret Bessenecker

Tuesday, 23 December 2003


Missing you! This is the next best thing to being with you or hearing from you at this time of year.

Jim Owens

Wednesday, 21 January 2004


Currently boatless and not so young anymore I am vicariously enjoying your photos and log. Time flies. Fair winds.

david brennan

Saturday, 24 January 2004


continued smooth sailing.

bob burnham

Saturday, 24 January 2004


Saw ya'll featured in CW "Passage Notes." I'll be checking out your "site" periodically to watch your progress. Meanwhile, don't go "tropo" on us. The world still needs "sanitation engineers" and legal assistance. Perhaps you'll come across opportunities to serve humanity in your respective fields on your cruise. Chris, have you had any contact with ADRA? They're a good outfit, and have projects world-wide. Fair winds and ('specially...) tides!

Steve Burk

Saturday, 24 January 2004


Great site. Plan to be on the same route in 2111.

Mike & Pam Hollingsworth

Sunday, 25 January 2004


Also read about you both in the CW article, and we have thoroughly enjoyed your web site. We were 'Northbounders" delivering a boat from "Z-what" to La Paz several years ago and want to go back. TENACATITA was a favorite spot too. Thanks for the adventure. Stay safe.

Rick & Elizabeth Vincent

Sunday, 25 January 2004


Just read your article in Cruising World Mag. How great to see you two doing it. Hoooraaah for you two. go for it. We hope to be there some day too! Thank you both.

Dick Braisted

Tuesday, 27 January 2004


Bet former owners John and Alice Hunt would like to be aboard KER-MOR with you in Punta Arenas right now. I'm sure they would like to meet you , and you them, likewise.

David Rozell

Tuesday, 27 January 2004


I enjoyed you piece in Cruising World and dream about what you two are doing. I don't know if I will ever be able to convince my wife that this is what we should do, give up a corporate life and a good job, sell the house and go for it, but I envy your courage. Do you ever have second thoughts about your decision to take such a plunge?

Marcel St-Martin

Wednesday, 28 January 2004


Have a nice trip and do keep on sailing for at least the next 25 years.

Brad Bussell

Thursday, 29 January 2004


ahoy mates. I do believe this is the first time signing a guest book. I'll have to check that one out. I found your website through the article in Passage Notes. Course I had to look. Being a land locked dreamer from South Dakota. Anyway, great site. Love the pictures and the log. I'll be stopping back to check your progress. PS...Ya want a picture of all the snow? Brad and Teresa

bob burnham

Thursday, 29 January 2004


Hi Chris, I must say it was a thrill to receive from Costa Rica your response via e-mail to my casual query re; your contact with ADRA Intl. Lesa, my wife and I are just wage-earners but support ADRA regularly because we feel that they are doing important work and believe they use resources very efficiently. The organization is an outreach of the Seventh-day Adventist Church but they don't promote any church doctrinal positions or attempt to advance a belief system. So far as we know they're content to just do the good humanitarian work and let the people approach them regarding their (ADRA's) motivation for doing them. We're church members so we wouldn't object to ADRA's workers attempting to spread the gospel but know that ADRA wouldn't be welcome in 160-plus countries world-wide (including several Islamic countries...) if they DID. We like to participate in their food self-sufficiency programs (in which matching grants multiply up to seven-fold the amount) and their wells/sanitation projects. EVERYone deserves these things, but sadly (as you know too well) far too many do not enjoy these most basic commodities. Well, thanks again for the quick response. You may not appreciate what a "lift" it gives to someone with similar cruising aspirations (well, maybe not QUITE so ambitious...) but who's kinda "hard aground" at present. Fair everything, Bob

Frank and Patty Fabian, Fairfax, VA

Saturday, 31 January 2004


Great website! Read about your adventures in Crusing World, and had to visit the site. As you well know, you're doing what many of us only dream about; your pictures and narratives are most enjoyable and informative. Enjoy your adventure and, above all, stay safe!

Eddy Perez

Monday, 02 February 2004


Hi Chris: Sorry that I missed you when you caem by the CDM/EHP office today. I heard all about your adventures from David and they sound great. Good luck to you. Eddy

Douglas Pearce, MD

Tuesday, 03 February 2004


Thank you for sharing your adventure with us "Sunday sailors". My wife and I and our two children have talked of a prolonged cruise. At this point the best we can seem to manage is two weeks a year. But there is always hope.. Great job with the web site!! Also, thanks for the link to PCI; I've sent for more info. Doug Pearce

John Gavin

Wednesday, 04 February 2004


Hi Chris - great to see you the other day. All the best of luck - FYI, I passed along your website to the Khalifas - Karim's email is:

Brian Lodge - Sailing Vessel Anon

Saturday, 07 February 2004


Hi - we are currently in Christchurch, New Zealand fitting out our Trimaran prior to setting sail on our grand adventure in May. I love catching up with others who have already cast off the dock line and started there adventure. I enjoyed reading about your trip in Cruising World. I look forward to hearing more. Brian Lodge

Don & Judy Feldman

Sunday, 08 February 2004


I saw your story in the Feb'04 Crusising World Mag. You're doing what we hope to do soon. Tnx for making your "stories" available to us. Don P.S. Do you have your "Ham Radio" license yet? I'm a "Ham" and would like to talk to you on the air if possible.


Wednesday, 11 February 2004



Stan Chapman

Wednesday, 11 February 2004


I live in West Texas (landlocked!) but own a hunter 260 that I travel to lakes with. I scuba and free dive every chance I get. I dream of doing what you are doing--and appreciate the chance you give others to share your experience. Thanks!!

Stan Chapman

Wednesday, 11 February 2004


I live in West Texas (landlocked!) but own a hunter 260 that I travel to lakes with. I scuba and free dive every chance I get. I dream of doing what you are doing--and appreciate the chance you give others to share your experience. Thanks!!

willy hjorngaard & marilia martins

Thursday, 12 February 2004


hi i just read about you in CW it was very interesting , especially for us.We are planning to go cruising at the end of this summer,our vessel is an endeavour 38. we live in toronto canada , so we will go to the atlantic first, anyway we wish you fair winds.

Mike Sueirro

Saturday, 14 February 2004


I first learned of your travels from the Feb. issue of Cruising World. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful adventure. Thanks for this site, and I look forward to seeing the next installment, if only to learn about Garbi! Mike

Harry Rubin

Saturday, 14 February 2004


I am retired and have a second career as a freelance writer.I write good limericks among other stuff. My wife and I and five very spoiled housecats live in Coastal Georgia where I own and sail a 25 ft Catalina sloop. I have sailed by chartering in the BVI, Leeward Islands, New Zealand, France, Aegean Sea, Bahamas, and other interesting places. I love drinking good wine, as long as it is red. I now am cruising vicariously by reading your logs. Hope you have fair winds and a beam reach.

J. Jungmann - Brazil

Thursday, 19 February 2004


End up in you site after reading CW passage note. Great adventure of you two. Keep up the moral and the fun. Updating this site is now a major thing. always let us know where and how you are. "For those who don't know what port is your destination, no wind will be favorable". You guys know where and how to go. Congratulations.


Thursday, 19 February 2004


We're the ones in the last shot in "photo gallery #5". HEY! ENOUGH RAH, RAH stuff from you fans already! We miss our "Diddah Dirly" a lot and are constantly concerned for her (and Chris's) safety and well-being. All this admiration/envy only spurs her farther away from us on her voyage. If any of you have kids, imagine how you'd feel. (Boy am I gonna get a "s---storm" from her about this entry). Share your thoughts with us at "millard@sbc" There, Danes, I said it and I'm glad!


Friday, 20 February 2004


To whomever read our last entry.......forgot to mention just how incredibly proud and impressed we are with her intrepidness as well as her lucidness and good humor/warmth in the telling of their adventures. We're proud she's our daughter!

Norm Harless

Sunday, 22 February 2004


I like your web sight and reading your log. Came to your sight because my wife and I are friends of Joe and Jan. In fact we will meet up with them in Panama in about a week. I get the pleasure of making the passage to Tahiti with them. Unfortunately, Nancy gets seasick and wont be able to make the passage with us. She will meet us in Tahiti. I am so lucky that Joe and Jan invited me along . I feel very privileged and also very excited. Hope to meet both of you in the future. Norm

James T. Holtzinger and Roberta Davis

Sunday, 22 February 2004


I was most interested in your article because we are planning a cruise in the same direction in approximately 1-1/2 years. I have taught school for 30+ years and will be retiring and hope to make it our life style. I am very interested in your pictures and other details most other readers would not be interested in. Thanks for making this possible. Captain of Chipper a 45' Gulfstar sloop, hope to see you out there soon. Jim and Roberta

Don Spendlove

Wednesday, 25 February 2004


thanks for sharing your adventure.

Lisa Suzuki & Mark O'Connell & Baby Katie

Thursday, 26 February 2004


We continue to love your website. We can't wait for you to come home and tell us more about all your adventures in person. Travel well, and know that we are sending our love and good wishes.

James and Necia Matheson

Tuesday, 02 March 2004


Beautiful boat!

Dick Claridge

Thursday, 04 March 2004


Enjoyed your site and the notes in Crusing World

Mike Snedaker- Ocean City, MD

Saturday, 06 March 2004


You guys are so awesome! I have begun the first steps to leaving my job and joining you on the high seas. Sometimes I doubt myself in the my decision, but reading your notes fills me with inspiration, joy, and life! Discover, learn, love, and most of all keep writing! Thanks so much!!

Dave Guinan

Friday, 19 March 2004


good luck and good sailing

Damon S.

Friday, 19 March 2004


Beautiful site, thank you for taking the time to share. Damon s/v Bruadair

Mark Matthews

Saturday, 20 March 2004


Nice webb'n "Fair Weather"

chaplain richard roberts jr

Tuesday, 23 March 2004


Chris and Dana...I came across the article in a sailing magazine regarding your trip. Chris, your mother had given it to my good friend john heath. I met your mom a number of years ago. I was so excited by the story of your trip, that, I had to write. Please feel free to respond: Be well and may the winds be kind Chaplain Richard

Jack Walsh

Tuesday, 23 March 2004


You have put together a great site! I am a bit envious as I sit at my desk in my cubicle reading about your adventures. Of course I sent a link to my wife saying "This is what we should be doing!" Though not on our Catalina 30. Have a safe rest of your adventure. Jack

Richard & Jan

Friday, 02 April 2004


Hi Chris and Dana. Im sitting here in my office in London suffering from a severe bout of trip envy after reading some of your logs, my wife and I regularly charter and have sailed in the BVI's, Greece and Turkey and of course around the south coast of England. Next year we propose a three week charter in the sea of cortez, your discription of the sailing area and the marine life there really spurs us on. We plan to retire at 50 (only five years to go) down size our property buy a long keel boat and head out to the Mediteranean for a year or so, once we have adapted to living in close quarters we will begin our circumnavigation via the Suez canal, perhaps we will see you coming the other way. Be good to each other. I will check your site out on a regular basis for inspiration. Richard & Jan

cousin Shelly Bachner

Saturday, 03 April 2004


The information and photography are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the world at large.

cousin Shelly Bachner

Saturday, 03 April 2004


The information and photography are absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the world at large.

Ed and Margot of M35 FROLIC

Sunday, 04 April 2004


EXCELLENT! Fair winds and seas.

Denice Solorio

Tuesday, 06 April 2004


Hi there, Just checking in for the latest update. Do you remember me, I use to work with Nancy. I spoke with her yesterday and she mentioned that you are now engaged. That's great news..If you guys can wether the storms (Literally) than it's a match. Well, I'm going to check out what you guys have been up to lately. Take care and be careful out there. Oh by the way if you run in Johnny Depp let me know...haha!


Friday, 09 April 2004


love mugu lome togo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Monday, 12 April 2004


great... not one word in this whole friggin thing mentioned about me!

Pat Goff

Tuesday, 13 April 2004


THanks for the fun site!

LouAnn Baudrand

Wednesday, 21 April 2004


Fantastic. I tell many others to log on because it's such good reading. Oh my gosh, I just read the comments from around the world -- Togo? That's amazing. I didn't know you had published some articles. You'll have to publish the whole book one day. Congratulations on your engagement, and I'll look forward to the ceremony when you return. Stay safe. Hugs, LouAnn

Cathie Bonnar

Saturday, 10 July 2004


Yippee! Congrats on your engagement! I love the whole story. What a dream you two are living! I think of you often and am so happy to hear/read you are doing so well! We were just south of Rosarito for a 5 day vacation, I thought of you two the whole time. I can't believe it's been almost a year and a half since we partied in Z-what!! Can't wait to party at your wedding in SD! Yes, I'm inviting myself! LOL! It'll just be too good to miss! Take care, be safe, happy wedding to you! Love, Cathie Bonnar

Dorrie Steele

Thursday, 22 July 2004


I was just told about your voyage. I work with Nancy at John Laing Homes! Congratulations on your future marriage.


Thursday, 22 July 2004


Sivia martinez

Thursday, 22 July 2004


Hola felisidadez en su boda que Dios les vendiga y les de muchos anos juntos yo soy la que le limpia la casa a mr. Schwartz su papa adios.

Teri Valdez

Monday, 09 August 2004


I work with Nancy at John Laing Homes and have enjoyed hearing stories about the trip. I started looking at the wedding pictures that Nancy has and it of course caused more conversation and well, I ended up here. While I have no burning desire to spend as much time on a boat as you have, I would love to just buzz in to one of those beaches for an extended stay. Thanks for sharing and enoy your voyage.

Tim Graham

Thursday, 19 August 2004


Charlie File

Sunday, 22 August 2004


Hi Salty Sailors.. Just a note to tell you what a great job of doing your photo albums, they are terrific! I guess I'm just an armchair sailor anymore as I am no longer in the NAVY. I have a good friend that has a Mariner32 that wants to go crusing but her hubby is not of the same mind and I have a wife that is not as nautically inclined as I am either. Oh well, at least my friend and I can sit on her boat and rock it in port and dream of better time that could be had. I wish you both all the love and happiness with your boat and the adventurous spirit you both share. You are truly blessed with with each other and I think you must be very much in love with life and with each other. My friends boat is a Mariner 32' hull #3. SHADOW IS HER NAME. It is located on the Mariners website although I haven't been able to get the site up since last Wed. or Thursday. Sorry but I have to go for now and I do wish you all the best of sailing and the best in the future, so fair winds and following seas to you! Dry Docked, Charlie File

Bill Jenkins

Tuesday, 24 August 2004


What a wonderful adventure you all are undertaking. I hope my wife and I will be able to do the same once our kids are grown. For now I will continue to ride the Iron Horse(BMW RT1150).

Fernando Lagarto

Tuesday, 14 September 2004


I`m delighted with your trip here in my home,OPORTO, North of Portugal. I wish you good luck to the rest of jorney. For the first time i`m cruising with yours. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your voyage. Sorry my english, I`m Portuguese. Boa viagem par vůs, quer por Bombordo quer por Estibordo.

John Ketrenos

Wednesday, 15 September 2004


Received your web site from my cousins Bob/Gwen Ketrenos

question - Bessenecker

Friday, 24 September 2004


My name is Christopher Bessenecker and I was looking to contact Margaret and Janine Bessenecker. I have been trying to do some research to find relatives of mine. I can be reached at Thank you for any info! Chris

Patricia Quintero

Thursday, 30 September 2004


Hi Danna and Chris I just wanted to said congratulations. You have an increadible wedding!. You guys have lots of adventures to share with others. Love Patricia.

Thursday, 30 September 2004


Sunday, 10 October 2004


Dennis Koehler

Sunday, 10 October 2004


Yo! Gawd can we live our lives vicariously (sp?) through your web site!?!?! We are thinking about buying a 36 ketch our of Deale Md. and found you on this owners site. PLEASE send message back in a bottle...or better yet, drink a bottle and send a e-mail! Dennis and Cee

Astrolabe R.Y.C.T.

Sunday, 28 November 2004


hi nice site :-)))))))))) enjoy the rest of your trip.


Sunday, 28 November 2004


Great site thank you. I am sure it has given much pleasure to many. Not just the quality of the writing (and the photos) but for the unpretentiousness and the warmth and humanity that shine through along with the joy of your relationship. I found the site through looking at the boats for sale. Astro above is one of my bridge partners, who I told about it last night. Pity you have to stop there but an irreplaceable two years. Best wishes.

"Keoki" George Cabral

Thursday, 13 January 2005


Thanks for keeping me company while at the Ala Wai parking when filming the live shot. Mahalo!

Friday, 21 January 2005


Nancy Phillips

Wednesday, 26 January 2005


Wow, sure am enjoying your photos. Can't wait until I have time to explore more of this wonderful account of your travels. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all.

Franky Sus Hadi Guntur

Thursday, 24 February 2005


what a nice website, cris Have A nice experience in Banda Aceh God Bless U All Franky Sus Hadi Guntur (The Source) I hope u still recognize me, i'm hengky's friend we meet at PCI Office in Banda Aceh

Thomas Gargotta

Monday, 07 March 2005


wow, I'm soooo jealous of this fantastic trip!!!!! Nice going Dana, TG

Steve Meadows

Thursday, 14 April 2005


I had a 32' Mariner that was so wonderful. Yours looks great.

Taylor Troiani

Thursday, 05 May 2005


That's cool, I hope to some day make a trip like that myself. You should write a book on the voyage. Are you selling the boat to get another one or are you guys calling it quits? Taylor Troiani (

Dan Wentworth

Saturday, 07 May 2005


I found your boat on ebay and followed the links.. I ended up reading most of your website and enjoying the photographs. Thanks for sharing your adventures with all the rest of us. Any further developments on a wedding? Dan Wentworth

Don Slabaugh

Sunday, 08 May 2005


Thank you for sharing your inspirational site with everyone! I found it as I was daydreaming thru ebay on a rainy Sunday. Now if I can only talk my wife into retiring on a boat .

Tuesday, 10 May 2005


Saw your boat on E-bay. I no nothing about boats, but it seems like such an exciting life.


Thursday, 12 May 2005


Kenny Roberts

Thursday, 12 May 2005


Great trip, wonderful writing. Just bought a sailboat and I've been day dreaming with your stories, getting my girlfriend interested and your story is a great way to get her excited about sailing.

Dennis Miller, Birmingham Power Squadron

Friday, 13 May 2005


Very nice vessel. Have very much enjoyed reading the ships log. I am from Michingan and have sailed the Great Lakes but have never had the oportunity to ocean sail. Thank you for sharing.

Rick Hendrickson

Sunday, 15 May 2005


Nice meeting you Dana, look forward to meeting Chris. Your web site is great and the adventures exciting. I know you both have many fond moments to carry with you where ever you go in this life. Maybe this will inspire me to set my main and cast off to places unknown! Lots of luck and blessings. Captain Rick Hendrickson Kalitta Air, LLC. B-747 Cargo world wide

Bruce Grecke, Dover Plains, NY

Wednesday, 19 October 2005



I love both your website, and was the boat that got my is stunningly beautiful; but the pictures...the record of your adventures are amazing. I oooo'd, and ahhh'd, sighed

and said "wow", more times than I can remember. Thank you for your wonderful's a real dream machine.

Ramon & Lucy Bobadilla

Saturday, 05 November 2005


Lucy and I wish to thank you for all the most beatiful photos you have been so kind in sending to us.

We also wanted for you to know that we enjoyed every picture.

We always sish fo you the very best, we love you dearly.Thankyou

Jeff Heikes

Saturday, 26 November 2005


Stumbled onto this page via Craigslist while researching sailboats to buy....Maybe. I loved it!With all it's pix and stories...So well done.And I have basically fallen in love with this boat...Maybe I will be able to buy her and learn how to live that life someday.

Well done you two.



Wednesday, 30 November 2005


Hi Chris adn Dana:

I accidently run into your ker-mor site today. Awesome!

I do hope you still check this site sometimes. I shared it with Linda. She will be thrilled to explore.

All the Best,


Tuesday, 28 February 2006




Sunday, 09 July 2006


Hello, I live in Madison, Wisconsin and just got back from a trip to the Galapagos Islands.While doing a little post-tour research I found my way to your site.What an incredible trip you took!I read the log entries from the Galapagos area.Assume you got your sail fixed somewhere in the islands -- you didn't really say.

At this point I'm sure you're thoroughly back in your "other lives".Congratulations on taking the sort of trip most of us can only dream of.I hope the next owner of the Ker-Mor uses her well.

Kathy Miner

Tim Rogers

Tuesday, 18 July 2006


Wonderful photos and grand adventure!Its nice to see fine people representing our country in the world.Especially people who've done such good deeds where they are needed most.

Marc from Canada

Wednesday, 19 July 2006


What a life!Thanks for the inspiration!

James Wetherald

Thursday, 20 July 2006


I am amazed. The trip you two undertook is truley remarkable. I wish I had known about your site before tonight. I just saw the ad on craigslist. I am proud and amazed that people like you exist and I hope to one day follow in your footsteps and take a sailing trip of my own. Get out of school first, get some cash, then sail my life away! Looks good just writing it! Thanks for the inspiration. Jim Wetherald A FAN

phil reed

Thursday, 20 July 2006


pretty boat

Margery Buck

Thursday, 20 July 2006


Just awesome. You Guys did it!!You are an insprition to me. My husband, Kevin has always wanted to just get in our boat and head out for a few years. But life, and responsibilities have taken the front seat. We were married a month ago, and Iím closing in on 60 with 7 grandchildren; so if we are going to do this, we better do it soon. Boy, I cant imagine selling your boat, it saw you through lots of adventures. I love your journal, and will share it with Kevin tonight. We bought a 1972 41í Cuttyhunk Ketch this month, and will be fixing her up, and hopefully it will be as neat as your Ketch.

We live on an island off from Maine, but have a great house in La Bocana, Baja Norte. Congratulations on your marriage,

Always live your dreams,


Grace Dolan

Saturday, 22 July 2006



Just happened on to your website and feeling as though I know you two as dear friends. Live life to the fullest with no're doing it! Many more years of happiness and endless adventures. best!

Ron Slater

Tuesday, 22 August 2006


You two are doing exactly what I plan to do in 5 years. Great love story!!Thanks for sharing you great adventures.

Sharlene and Tony London

Thursday, 24 August 2006


We look forward to hosting Millard and Nancy at the DRYC this Sunday.†† Debbie and Luis are coming too.†† Your dad said to check out your website.†† Far out!!!!†††††† I am retired as of June, 06 after 32 years of teaching.Yea!!!!†††† I now work part time at the Virginia Robinson Gardens and Estate in Beverly Hills.I am an office assistant.†† Check our:††

All the best, Sharlene and Tony London†††††††


Thursday, 31 August 2006


Great site - well done.

Actually considered buying the boat - but will stick with my tri!! Good luck Andy NZ


Thursday, 07 September 2006


I have decided to go on a cruse in two years.I know very little about how to prepair and was wondering if you had any advice.I am reading your logs every night to get an idea of what you experienced I am on log 3; so far I am very excited about the adventure you had and hope mine will be as successful as yours.



Earle & Jeannie Robinson

Thursday, 07 September 2006


All we can say is WOW!!! What a life!What a boat!

Dan Stratton

Sunday, 17 September 2006


Wow what a great voyage and thankyou for sharing your experiences! I loved the photographs of the Sounth Pacific it brought back many memories of my childhood trip with my parents in the 70's through many of the same islands.

John Baumgartner

Friday, 22 September 2006


S/V Bright Eyes, good site,

Jeff Burton

Saturday, 30 December 2006


It's been a great voyage to follow.Congratulations both of the marriages and the new family.I look forward to the final voyage chapters.It's great reading here in the northern climates.


Thursday, 04 January 2007


mariner 32 owner


Wednesday, 07 March 2007


My last visit was Wednesday 19 October, 2005. I returned to see if the rest of the story had been writtne. I will return, eventhough Ker-Mor's ship's wheel has been handed off to a new Captain and crew. Godspeed to the two (possibly three of you), as you pursue new adventures.

Thank You

John Dendy

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


I am retiring at the end of this year and buying a biggger boat on the east coast. Reading about your journey is inspiring to say the least.

The web site is great. God Speed on future trips....††





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